We’re doing things differently these days. Our name change from Qdoba Mexican Grill to Qdoba Mexican Eats isn’t the only thing. We are embarking in a bold, new direction in every aspect imaginable from our unique new restaurant design to the mind-blowing flavors we are sharing with our guests. We are taking a stance on living a more flavorful life. We are creating an environment that encourages you to work unscripted and speak from the heart. We want your personality to shine and we want you to know our number one priority is you. Join our journey.

“I have always found it to be true that if you are someone willing to take initiative, learn, and work hard, there is MORE than enough opportunity for you here!”

Kristin P.

“For the past 16 years I have been fortunate to have many career opportunities and to work alongside some of the most talented and amazing people.”

Erin H.

“Qdoba has had a tremendous impact on my growth as a person. I have opportunities that I don’t know would otherwise exist if I didn’t work for Qdoba.”

Lauren H.