At Qdoba, we’re a group of fun-loving, energetic people committed to living a more flavorful life in everything we do.
We encourage everyone on our team to bring their unique personality and skills to the job every single day, no matter their role.


Working at Qdoba is about more than just food. It’s about launching conversations, working with people we dig and serving up awesome in everything we do. Whether you’re a full-time or part-time Line Server, Cook, Team Leader or Delivery Driver, we expect you to live life to its fullest and enjoy every minute of it. We want you to learn as much as you can in your role and grow within the organization.


Foster an epic place to work. Join the Qdoba family and lead a group of fun-loving, energetic people bringing together all those who want to celebrate life’s flavors. Coach, develop and train your team to learn new skills and take on challenges.


Seeking Brave, Bold, Inspired Leaders. Multi-unit operating experience is essential, but being a District Manager is so much more than that. We expect you to lead and teach your team to embody a culture full of development and servant leadership.